Making Sausage Pizza Bread

Hot dog pizza bread is similar to multiple mini pigs in a blanket with extra topping and is commonly served as a street food in South Korea. It is actually a delicious snack that can be served up at parties. get the recipe.

Making Sausage Pizza Bread :

1. You can use wieners or sausages in this recipe. I find that wieners work best, but just be sure to use a decent quality as it really makes the recipe. If you use sausage, you can use the ones of your choice.

2.In terms of the toppings, we use red onions, green bell peppers, frozen corn, mozzarella, and pizza sauce. Traditionally in Korea, they use ketchup. I just like the pizza sauce, however. Dried or fresh basil can be used.

3.I use Pillsbury Crescent rolls as they are so easy to work with. But if you have the time and effort, you can make the dough from scratch.

4.It is a great effect if you cut them into five sections after they are rolled and twist them in opposite directions. Just make sure not to cute them all the way through.


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