Making Feta/Spinach/Tomato Pizza

Making Feta/Spinach/Tomato Pizza :

I used (I rounded the numbers so it’s easier to remember):
130g white flour
165g whole wheat flour
8g gluten (I meant to put 5 or 6)
4g salt
265g water(~88% hydration),
but you should use about 230g water(~77% hydration), it won’t be as wet as my dough, but easier to manage for your first time. (79% in Paris will probably be as wet as 88% in LA)
60g starter, you can substitute for yeast, put more if you’re in a rush, or if it’s cold or both, put less if you have time and want more flavor.

Once dough doubles, pour it out onto a floured silpat or parchment (don’t make my mistake!)
fold in 3rds like a letter, (sorry forgot to film here!) then stretch out dough by sticking your hands underneath and pulling it out.
rest for 20 min
bake for 3 minutes on bottom rack, oven preheated to as high as it’ll go, I had it at 550F/288C, my Paris oven only goes up to about 220C/430F
once dough has baked for 3 minutes, take out of oven and lay toppings. The prebaking prevents the crust from getting soggy (I put lots of veggies, so this is necessary, if you have mostly dry ingredients, then it won’t turn soggy, so feel free to put topping on raw dough and just bake once for 3 minutes.
return assembled pizza to oven for another 3 minutes for cheese to melt.

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