Healthy Low Cal Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pizza Recipe

Healthy Low Cal Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pizza Recipe :

Ingredients for Mac & Cheese:
28g Elbows Macaroni
14g Trader Joe’s Light Shredded Mozzarella
16g Archer Farms Salsa Con Queso

Ingredients for Pizza Dough:
42g Part Skim Ricotta
21g Trader Joe’s Light Shredded Mozzarella
1 Whole Egg
20g All Purpose Flour (can use gluten-free)
5g Coconut Flour
3g Baking Powder
Toppings for Pizza:
60g Pizza Sauce of your choice
21g Trader Joe’s Light Shredded Mozzarella

1.) Preheat your oven on as hot as you can make it. Mine is 525 Degrees F. Now take a small stove top pot and fill with water about ½ the way up. Set burner on high and bring water to a boil. Then add your macaroni to the water and turn water on low and add cover to pot. Cook for 4-6 minutes until macaroni is soft but not too soft. Make sure you mix it around so it does not stick to the bottom.
2.) While you macaroni is cooking add your 42g ricotta and 21 mozzarella to a microwave safe bowl and mix together. Then add to the microwave for 20 seconds to melt. Then take out and add your whole egg and mix it all together.
3..) Now add your dry pizza dough ingredients into a bowl and mix them together to avoid clumping. Then add to your wet dough ingredients and mix. Set this aside.
4.) Once the macaroni is done cooking, drain the water and then add your macaroni back to your pan. Then add your queso and shredded cheddar cheese. Add back to your burner on medium heat with cover on for a minute and let cheese melt. Mix around once melted.
5.) Now you will take your pizza pan and add parchment paper on top. This is super important. Now you will take your half your dough and add it to your pan covered in parchment paper and then spread it out with your spoon. Make sure to spread it out well because it will rise. Then once it is spread out pretty well, take a small bowl of water and dip your fingers in there and start to spread the dough with your hands some more. This will help moisturize your dough. Now add your macaroni leaving about an inch around the outsides. Now add the rest of your dough on top and spread around to cover the macaroni the best you can. Now do the same with the water you did above and spread and moisturize the dough. Then once you’ve done that, add to your oven for 10-12 minutes until the dough is golden.
6.) Once dough is golden, take it out and put your oven on broil. Then add your pizza toppings, add back in the oven until golden brown on top and then enjoy!

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