I grew up in the 50’s & the 60’s in the small town of Erie PA. where there seemed to be an Italian bakery, pizza shop or deli on every corner. I can still smell the aroma of the fresh bread & handcrafted fine Italian cooked foods that were available to the public each and every day.

After I left town I did my best to find similar places that served good homemade Italian food with very little luck and usually to far away for me to visit as often as I would have liked.
So I would spend as much spare time as possible to try and replicate what I remember from childhood.
After many years of trial and tribulations, I believe I have mastered the craft of baking great tasting authentic Italian bread just like I had when I was a kid.

I want to thank everyone who participated voluntary or otherwise in testing all of my experimental pizza s over the years. I hope what I have learned will help you in making the BEST pizza ever the first time you try so your family & friends will think you are a professional Italian chef!

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