Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

we will show you a homemade Pizza Recipe with a well known Turkish food,Sujuk.After you watch our video,you will learn how to make pizza and dough.We have preferred to use Sujuk in this Pizza recipe.Sujuk is a traditional Turkish Sausage.It is seasoned with various spices such as garlic,black pepper,red pepper,salt,cumin,sumac and is made of ground meat(beef mostly).It gives a spicy flavor to the pizza and makes it more delicious.You can find Sujuk from Turkish markets and butchers.
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Let’s start with making the dough.First of all; Combine the flour,salt,sugar and dry yeast in a bowl.And then start to knead with gradually adding warm water.When it has formed a smooth ball,cover and set aside to rise for approximately 30 mins.Uncover the bowl and lightly flour the surface that you will work on.Make sure it’s well floured to avoid sticking.If the dough gets sticky,sprinkle some more flour over it.Roll it into a circle with a rolling pin.And then grease your pyrex/baking sheet with olive oil and place the rolled out dough on the pyrex.Prepare a sauce to spread over the dough.For making the sauce,mix the egg and ketchup in a small bowl.Spread the sauce on the dough .Thinly dice mushrooms;dice onion,tomato,Sujuk and Jalapeno peppers.Place the ingredients in turn on the dough,(diced onions,Sujuk slices,thinly diced mushrooms,tomatoes,Jalapeno peppers and sweet corn)bake at 200C(400F)for 30 mins,after 30 mins baking,sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese and bake for 5 mins more and it is ready to serve,enjoy!
Ingredients for Pizza Dough
1 Cup of Whole wheat flour
5g of Dry yeast
1 tsp of Sugar
1 tsp of Salt
1/2 Cup of warm water
Ingredients for Pizza
100g of Sujuk
150g of grated Mozzarella cheese
200g of boiled/canned corn
100g of Mushrooms
10 jalapeno peppers
1 medium size Tomato
1 medium size Onion
1 tsp of Vegetable Oil

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