Pizza recipe: Salmon Pizza with Spinach (pizza dough without yeast)

Pizza recipes are something limited only by author’s imagination. Salmon pizza I’m cooking in this video is so easy to make and tastes so elegant!
I’m using a homemade pizza dough without yeast, but you can also use a yeast-based dough – freshly made or picked up from the shop.
Sliced red onions, green spinach leaves, and salmon cubes make up a great color and shape palette.
The final touch that brings all the ingredients of this delicious pizza together is a white pizza sauce that takes only 5 minutes to make.

Ingredients for the homemade pizza dough without yeast:
✔ 2.5 glasses of flour + ~1 glass for rolling
✔ 1 glass of greek yogurt or sour cream
✔ 1 egg
✔ 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 coffee spoon of salt

Ingredients for the white pizza sauce:
✔ 50g (1.8 oz) of butter
✔ 1 tablespoon of flour
✔ 1 glass of milk
✔ salt, black pepper, and nutmeg
✔ a bunch of grated cheese

Ingredients for the salmon pizza topping:
✔ 200g (7 oz) of grated cheese
✔ 1/2 red onion cut in thin slices
✔ 200g (7 oz) of salmon
✔ some sea salt
✔ a bunch of spinach baby leaves
✔ 3 tablespoons of rolled Parmesan

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