Mushroom Pizza Recipe | Pepperoni Pizza

Mushroom Pizza Recipe:

This is a very basic pizza recipe. And this combination of mushrooms and pepperoni is one of my favorites. Make sure you don’t spread the tomato sauce in the corners of the pizza crust! You can also use this pizza base (pizza crust) recipe for traditional Turkish pizza with ground meat for mushroom pizza we used dry yeast but other kinds of yeasts are also ok. Adding garlic to the tomato sauce is optional! We used shredded mozzarella cheese but you can use any kind of cheese! Mix the dry ingredients, flour,yeast, salt and sugar Start kneading as you slowly add warm water Add the olive oil Cover it and leave to stand at room temperature for around an hour to rise Transfer your pizza base on an oven tray Mix grated tomato with tomato paste and dry (or fresh) basil Spread it with the back of a spoon Sprinkle ¾ of the shredded mozzarella on the sauce Bake for approx. 25 to 30 degrees on 200C (400F) pre-heated oven Sprinkle rest of the shredded mozzarella and put it back to oven for a few more mins
Bon appetit!


2 cups flour
Finely sliced mushrooms
2 tsp. dry yeast
100 g (0.2 lbs) shredded mozzarella cheese
2 tbs. olive oil
1 medium size tomato (grated)
2 tsp. tomato paste
1 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Sugar

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