Making Pizza Sorrento Italy

Making Pizza Sorrento Italy:

You haven’t really had pizza until you’ve had pizza in Italy and the Pizza in Sorrento is special even by Italian standards because not only was pizza thought to have its origins not far from Sorrento in Naples, but the best buffalo mozzarella cheese used on these pizzas comes from the Sorrento area as well. So the pizza these guys in Sorrento, these pizzaiolos, are making not only looks fantastic, the pizza these pizzaiolos in Sorrento are making tastes fantastic. If you’re in Sorrento or anywhere else in Italy and you suddenly get a craving for Pizza, don’t fight it, have some Pizza, your only regret will be that when you go back home you favorite pizza place won’t be your favorite pizza place anymore. Mmmmmmm! Pizza!!

Sorrento is a coastal town on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. It is just south of Naples and just around the corner from the Amalfi Coast.

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