How to Make: Eggplant Pizza

How to make Eggplant pizza:

A low carb / healthier option over traditional pizza crust


1 Eggplant
Ground Pepper
Pizza Sauce
Olive Oil
Featured Toppings (Top w/ any Pizza Toppings of your choice)
Green Bell Peppers
White Onion
Turkey Pepperoni
Chopped Black Olives

Equipment Needed
Cooking board
Sheet pan
Tin foil
Metal Drying Rack
Bowls (optional to store toppings during preparation)


1- Skin (removes some bitterness) & Cut Eggplant into 1/4th-inch rounds
2- Heavily salt Eggplant rounds (suggest wetting rounds for salt to stick)
3- Set Eggplant rounds aside for 30mins (Step 2 & 3 assist in removing some bitterness)
4- Dice any vegetable toppings (Onions & Peppers in video)
5- Preheat oven to 425
6- Once Oven is Preheated to 425 & Eggplant rounds have sat with salt for 30mins, rinse Eggplant rounds to remove heavy salt under running water
7- Place Eggplant rounds on drying rack on top of sheet pan lined with foil
8- Drizzle Olive oil and salt & pepper Eggplant to taste
9- Bake Eggplant rounds for 6minutes
10- Remove Eggplant rounds from oven and apply Pizza ingredients in normal Pizza building order
10-1 Spoon Pizza sauce over rounds
10-2 Pile Mozzarella Cheese over rounds
10-3 Put any toppings on to rounds (Peppers, Onions, Black Olives & Turkey Pepperoni in video)
11- Bake Eggplant Pizzas in oven for 5mins or until cheese is melted

Optional – Broil Eggplant pizzas at 425 for 1minute or until toppings reach desired extra crispiness

12- ENJOY!

Turkey Pepperoni was chosen because it has 70calories per serving (17slices) compared to 140calories per serving (14slices?) of regular pepperoni and 70% less fat

The basis of this recipe is not mine, however, I have enhanced it into what it is.

Please Note: My wife stated that the Turkey Pepperoni seems too spicy for her, I thought it was just right, but be forewarned

Please Note: Eggplants are fairly high in sodium, to begin with, there are two salt related steps in preparation (The first salt step is designed to remove Bitterness). Without proper rinsing and by over salting in the seasoning step (8) of the Eggplant pizza preparation will result in a salty tasting pizza. You have been warned, salty tasting is not a failure of the recipe but rather an over salting by the preparer.

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