Easy Homemade Veg Mixed Bell Pepper Pizza Recipe by Cooking Simplified

For pizza sauce:
Tomato sauce – 1 cup
Hot & sweet sauce – 2 tbsp
Oregano herbs – 1 tsp
Red chili flakes – 1/2 tsp

For pizza:
Pizza base – big
Pizza sauce – 2 tbsp
Mozzarella cheese – 8 tbsp
Green bell pepper slices – few
Yellow bell pepper slices – few
Red bell pepper slices – few

1. Grind 10 to 20 red chilies to flakes by using the blender for red chili flakes.

2. Grate the mozzarella cheese and chop the capsicums as shown in the beginning of the video.

1. Take 1 cup tomato sauce in a bowl. Add 2 tbsp hot & sweet sauce, 1 heaped tsp full of oregano herbs, 1/2 tsp chili flakes to it. And mix them well. If you want spiciness, add a little bit of extra hot & sweet sauce and red chili flakes.

1. Take a big pizza base and make 1/4 inch cuts on top as shown in the video. Spread 2 tbsp of pizza sauce on top of it.

2. Spread 6 tbsp of mozzarella cheese on top of it.

3. Arrange few red capsicum slices, few yellow capsicum slices and few green capsicum slices on top of it. Add extra 2 tbsp grated mozzarella cheese on top of it.

4. Microwave it for 2 minutes on high power. Your veg pizza is ready to eat.

Happy Cooking…!

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